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It is with a heavy heart that I have made the hard call to cancel our 2019 Newaygo County Comic Con.  This has NOT been an easy decision to make, but due to a severe lack of vendors & artists, as well as only receiving 5 entries for the Art Contest as of today, Sept. 25, 2019(The cutoff was Oct. 10th), I am making the choice to cancel the event.

 Everyone who has paid for a booth or an art entry WILL be paid back.

We had enough vendors & artists last year, along with Special Guests to fill up the gym at the Fremont Rec Center……this year, we would lucky to fill up the room to the south of it, which used to be the cafeteria when it was a High School when I went there back in 1987.

I know all of you are disappointed, but without enough going on & vendors to shop at, as well as the lack of exterior lights on the South side of the building(as our event would be ending at midnight due to the dance), as well as other factors……sorry folk, but I cannot justify doing the event this year.  Again, this has NOT been an easy decision for me to make.

Lowell Godfrey

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