Photos from our 2018 event:


 The event site is part of what used to be the Fremont High School complex, but is currently owned & run by the Fremont Rec Center.  More info on their facility:
The Fremont Rec Center is a GUN FREE ZONE……so NO actual firearms or any weapons allowed.  For rules on cosplay/prop weapons, please refer to our page on CODES OF CONDUCT, as we do have guidelines on what will & will not be allowed at our event.
The Fremont Rec Center is also a NO SMOKING ZONE……so NO smoking, E-cigs or vaping allowed on the ENTIRE property….this includes the inside & outside area.
We will have a smoking area set up in the South parking lot, across Maple Street
from the complex.

Please be aware that if you attend our event, you may have your photograph taken at some point, as many people use their cellphones to take pictures of Comic Con events.
If you see someone in costume/cosplay…..and want their photo…..please ask them for permission.  Most will be okay with it if you also want a photo of you with them.  Again….please refer to the CODES OF CONDUCT page for more info on this.

We will be adding photos from the event…..after the event, and look forward to seeing everyone there~!